[ Facility Condition Assessments ]

Facility Condition Assessments from Advance Design Consultants provide an in-depth real-time look at the infrastructure, systems and equipment within your facility to gather much desired practical data so you can make tactical decisions for your company.

Without the right information about the condition of your facility and building systems it’s difficult to plan for the future. Not every organization has the ability to generate the kind of data they need to make well-informed critical choices for their facilities. ADC helps clients plan the best assessment strategy for their requirements, adapting our approach to the needs of your specific facilities and business. ADC offers multi-year assessment contracts to assist organizations in maintaining accurate data for capital planning, and in budgeting for the cost of assessment as part of their long-term capital plan. We will ensure an objective and consistent assessment process by a Professional Engineer who will focus on existing buildings’ maintenance and operations to identify, categorize, analyze and document critical system upgrades, retrofits, modifications, code compliance and or general improvements. Our goal is to give you the information you are missing in a user-friendly way, and go further to provide critical retrofit design options and construction cost estimates so you have every tool you could possibly need to make decisions that will better your facilities and make them stronger and more sustainable for the future.

Facilities Condition Assessments from ADC are the perfect way to become an expert on your building infrastructure and start making it work for you.