[ Quality Control ]

ADC is dedicated to creating solutions that are of the highest quality and accordance to all requirements, guidelines, codes, restrictions and standards through consistent and measured quality control and quality assurance procedures.

Our history of constructability and client cost control comes from our own Quality Assurance Plan which was developed to ensure that all drawings and design packages submitted throughout the project are free from errors and omissions and can be fabricated and installed in the manner drawn in a coordinated effort across all disciplines.

Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance Manager provides value engineering, review of retrofit concepts and cost modeling, and design integration of structures and systems throughout the project timeline.  The Project Manager will oversee this activity and ultimately guarantee that construction costs are budgeted, tracked and controlled.  This system is critical during the entire design process and can successfully eliminate any unnecessary costs during construction.  Our dedication to creative problem solving, attention to detail and collaborative interactions with the client and design team has made it possible for ADC to have a less than 1% rate of change orders on projects.