[ About Us ]

Advance Design Consultants is an integrated team of architects, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists offering a wide range of professional services.  ADC focuses on the challenges within the built environment and offers a comprehensive list of service opportunities to enhance the operability, maintainability, and sustainability of the infrastructure within a facility.  From whole building design and construction to mechanical and electrical system design, energy audits and facilities condition assessments, we have evaluated, designed and built some of the most innovative facilities for our clients including Data Centers that boast PUE’s of 1.2 or lower and LEED Platinum certification.

Advance Design Consultants’ experience has shown that innovation comes from the ability to generate breakthrough ideas that can change the way things are done  for the future.  But it has also shown that the most ground-breaking concepts and ideas don’t come in a sudden stroke of genius; it is most often the collision of many different smaller ideas from diverse individuals that creates something bigger than themselves.  Our diverse team is passionate about creating dynamic solutions that not only conquer all project challenges but that represent quality and innovation in the way buildings are designed, and through our integrated approach to all projects, we continue to achieve unparalleled cost-savings, energy reductions, and reliability for our clients.

ADC’s goal is to continue to push the envelope by dynamically and flexibly supporting all your architectural, engineering, planning, technical consulting and construction needs with services built to serve your business and the future of the built environment.

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